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Full Service AUDIO VISUAL Consulting

 Carefully researched audio visual technology design and integration - this is what makes Peterson AV Consulting special. Our team combines both audio visual theory and years of successful practice. The firm manages projects in multiple market segments and budget levels, excelling in performing arts, corporate, educational, house of worship and large venue applications. Tap into our experience and you find a wealth of knowledge which fosters both purpose and innovation. 

Form follows FUNCTION and DESIGN follows research


Peterson AV Consulting approaches every project with the same strategy: We listen actively. We make sure our work will align with our client's goals. Then, with an open-mind and a neutral market position, we comprehensively research appropriate technology and creative system design. Throughout the job, we work hard to build strong client partnerships. By project completion, our partners truly understand the role of their AV system and how inspired engineering can produce creativity, professionalism and efficiency.

Working with Peterson AV Consulting

Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss your project and how our services may apply to its success